Jumaat, 9 September 2011

How to build an Islamic Unity among Muslim countries?


Muslims I love all of you. I love you in Allah.

Please say this to Muslim.

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O brother, speak good words between you, and don't say yourself is better than the other brethren, that ye not divided. If you consider yourself are better than other believers, then you either at the time as same as Satan who considers himself better is than Adam a.s.

If you think that your opinion in the science of religion has a stronger evidence then others, but say only that what you opinion has a much stronger evidence and hopefully your opinion is closer to the truth.

But don't tell the other believers are wrong. It will cause hostility  between Muslim. But let's say that the words they had, had no strong evidence for lack of evidence or their evidence is not strong enough. But  you have to say that with good, gentle and loving speech. People will not hear words that sound like a gross contempt of another, even the words of their own father.

If you think or said yourself is better, more pious than other believers, or nobler, richer, more everything, it is feared it is a slander against you. Such feelings or words often take you down , so it would prevent you to listen to the words one else other than your opinion or the opinion of those who you feel right alone but perhaps their lack of hard evidence.

Even if you say you're more correct than the other, most likely, it will divide the unity of Muslims. This is forbidden in Islam. So say the words that do not cause disunity.

Say, if you are right, then the right is from Allah. And if you are wrong, it comes from yourself. With these words I hope that God will protect us from arrogance and pride and care for people who hear it from does not receive or keep them from totally accept what you say without making a thorough research.

May Allah protect us. Amen.

Currently, it is clear to us that Islamic countries can be united with each other in some things.
If they have any problems, the leaders will discuss. Al-Hamdulillah in their discussions, they can often take a good decision.

As we know. Muslim countries currently have the Organization of Islamic Countries, the OIC, which has its own Secretary General. Thanks to Allah, many our  problems which have arisen between the Islamic countries solved through this organization.

However, we realize that this organization is not a strong body that can reject the decision of the alleged association of more powerful people, the United Nations.

In fact, OIC cannot act on religious terrorists who abuse other people interpret the view of Islam.

OIC is not able to act quickly to save the Muslim countries suffering from disasters,  suffering from poverty, lack of knowledge, lack of affection between the governing country, lack of medicine, the shortage of teachers, lack of schools and etc.

These problems are big problems to be solved immediately. It make's many people from Muslim countries  become terrorists, bandits, pirates because of these problems.

Therefore we have no other way to counter the deficiencies other than unite our hearts, minds and energy together. In fact, we cannot stand united against the terrorism committed by the head of state like Libya's
Muhammar Gaddafi that prevents people for Friday prayers and congregational prayer unless we have the troops and our military leaders.

We have to have such a troops to protect our Muslims countries that lack any protections from bandits or pirates. We cannot let go of the hands of the military to provide supervision to non-Muslims to protect other Muslim countries. Because we know that non-Muslims will kill
innocent Muslims. We have a lot of evidences to see for example of the abuse of non-Muslim military. As well as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan and Libya. How many innocents people have been killed by those ignorant military. Therefore we must have our own special forces to control the Muslim nations from the abuse perpetrators.

We also need to have our own leader, or caliph who could take the lead the competent people to administer urgent matters, which is yet to be decided by the United Muslim.
States. Without the administrator for urgent matters, the decisions made will bring increased catastrophe. Because the results that could be made can only be made long after the incident. So head for the Islamic countries should be appointed..

It is not enough with only the secretary
general . Its power is not enough to counter the terrorist countries like Gaddafi. Therefore we require the qualified leader. But don’t choose yourself and don’t choose your family or someone from your country. It will make the others didn’t trust others. But let’s the unity of Muslim scholars choose it for all. 

Let’s us act soon. The longer we let the more evil disasters that occur.  

If I’m right, then the right is from Allah. And if I’d wrong, it comes from me.

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